Friday, August 19, 2016

Autumn Issue 2016

It seems like long silences are the order of the day here at Rosary Convent. Truth is, we've been extraordinarily busy. Busier than bees, one might say! Happily, part of that busy-ness includes putting together a new issue of our newsletter.

So here is the Autumn Issue of The Southern Star, in a more manageable size for slow browsers (like ours!) and email inboxes.

If you would like a hi-res copy of the newsletter to print for distribution, please do email us. We'd be quite happy to provide you with one.

May Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary pray for you!

If you would like to e-subscribe and receive the newsletter on a regular basis, do send us a request at astarinthesouth@gmail.comOur postal address is in the newsletter if you prefer a hard copy.