Thursday, June 26, 2014

May and June Events at Signadou Boarding School

Feast of the Ascension

On May 29th, for the Feast of the Ascension, two sisters took the girls to the Whanganui Regional Museum where they learned about manu aute (Maori kite) which is made from tapa - a hand-made bark-cloth. They then were able to make there own tapa-inspired manu aute. 

Our Lady of Lourdes Pilgrimage

“On May 24th, we had a wonderful opportunity of taking part in an Our Lady of Lourdes pilgrimage, which gave us a good exercise of 20km walk. We had to drive approximately two hours from Wanganui. We then started at Peka Peka Beach and ended at Paraparaumu. This year’s intention for the pilgrimage was for the Rosary Crusade. It was very windy, and it rained almost the whole of the pilgrimage. (What a great penance!) We had around 3-4 breaks during the pilgrimage and had to have an enduring voice throughout as we sang and said three rosaries and hymns. When we reached the statue of Our Lady, it was raining cats and dogs. No pain - no gain. Regardless, it was a great experience.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

- Signadou Boarder

St. Anthony Procession

“On the 1st of June, we had the opportunity to participate in a procession in honour of St. Anthony. There were many people that participated. There was the girls’ school - St. Dominic’s College, the boys’ school - St. Augustine’s Campus, and St. Anthony’s primary school, and the faithful. We walked around the streets of Gonville, singing joyful songs and saying joyful prayers. At the end of the procession, we had a big group photo including St. Anthony.  (He must be happy.)

We were all proud to be part of the procession.
St. Anthony, pray for us.

- Signadou Boarder

Candle Making

On June 16th - the solemnity of St Anthony (patron of our parish) and a holiday from school - the boarders were taught by a local parishioner about candle making and each of them created their own candle scented with coconut and lime. They then were able to uniquely design them with flower petals.