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July Events at Signadou Boarding School

Impromptu Drama Competition

On July 2nd, St. Dominic’s held an impromptu drama competition as a chance for the girls to gain points for their houses - Bologna, Calaroga, and Prouille.

The girls were given an hour and a half to write and rehearse a short play
about Mother Aubert.

 This was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to learn about Mother Aubert - who will hopefully be the first canonized saint of New Zealand. They all did a marvelous job, but the judges had to pick a winner. 

1st Place - Bologna
2nd Place - Calaroga
3rd Place - Prouille

A Day of Recollection: 

“All of the glory of the king’s daughter comes from within.”  
On July 16th, girls from the school, with the Children of Mary, spent a day of recollection given by the sisters. Throughout the day, they attended a variety of conferences on various topics regarding the dignity of a woman. 

A sampling of a few of the topics spoken on are shown on the following slides.

In addition to the talks, the girls attended Mass, rosary, and were able to make several visits to the Blessed Sacrament. 

Happy Feast of Signadou!

The boarders celebrated their feast day early with the Sisters on July 20th. On coming back from a week holiday, the boarders were surprised with presents, a decorated refectory, delicious dinner and dessert with the Sisters. 

The girls also had a surprise of their own for Mother Madeleine for her upcoming feast day. They put on a short musical concert featuring several songs from the musical Oliver.

How Signadou got its name...

On July 22nd, 1206, Saint Dominic prayed to the Blessed Mother for a sign to show him what exactly he should do and where he should centre his work. It was then that a flaming ball appeared in the sky hovering over a little abandoned church of Prouille. This happened three times before St. Dominic took the sign as authentic and not a product of his imagination. This miraculous vision is know as Signadou - the sign of God - and was the foundation of the Order of Preachers.

Similarly, the addition of the boarders here at St. Dominic’s has been a work of divine providence. We are very blessed to have such wonderful and loving girls! 

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