Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It is with great happiness that we announce that the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui will be opening a Girls’ Boarding School in New Zealand to enable INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL students to profit from a well-balanced traditional Catholic education under the influence of religious Sisters, while at the same time gaining credit for internationally recognised qualifications. Miraculously we have been able to purchase a large two-storey house with a double section literally right next door to the convent which has much potential for future growth.

We are now inviting applicants for the start of the 2013 NZ academic year (February 4th - December 6th) and anyone interested in obtaining more information and viewing our Prospectus, is asked to contact Mother Rose via e-mail: sisterrose08@yahoo.com


After much thought and many creative ideas later, Mother General decided to name the boarding school SIGNADOU which means Sign of God, in remembrance of the ball of fire which the Blessed Virgin Mary gave as a sign to St Dominic at Prouille, France, in 1206, on the Feast of St Mary Magdalene. The sign was for St Dominic to begin his apostolate, which brought about the first convent of Dominican Sisters, and after that many others. May it be a sign of many blessings for Catholic children and future religious.


Mission “Secure Convent” became necessary after a long series of incidents and is now in the last stages. Thanks to a very generous U.S benefactor we now have a secure front gate and post-box which serves to connect our present convent with our recently acquired property, giving us opportunity in the future to create resourceful thoroughfares between the two.

We did have thoughts of putting this sign on the front but thought better of it:



Signed: The Sisters of Mercy

Thanks to the SSPX and working men of our Parish, both young and old, we can now feel secure knowing a wooden fence extends all the way around the front of our complex giving the school girls and Sisters a sense of security and enclosure; moreover, all buildings are now wired to an up-to-date alarm system, and, need I mention, our local 'securityguards' at Wanganui Alarm Watch.


Mission “Signadou” is now in progress, which involves works such as finding furnishings for an empty house, finding good girls for the boarding school, paying off the debt and attending to the 101 legalities required of such a work. If you can help in any way at all with what has just been mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us. May God reward you - it is a very important work for the extension of His kingdom.


Patience said...

How lovely to see your community growing and offering opportunity for more students to benefit.
(I did like the sign though; even if it you aren't posting it)
I continue to enjoy your blog from afar. (Canada)

Amelia Barney said...

Your school looks great. Good to know there are boarding schools "down under" that are helping girls become responsible young women. Glad there is a fence for added security and peace of mind. Good job.

Anthony Davis said...

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