Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Feast of Christ the King

Christus Vincit
Christus Regnat
Christus, Christus Imperat!

These words rang out from the voices in the Tynong procession close to thirty times on Sunday, demonstrating a firm belief in Our Lord’s sovereignty even in today’s atheistic world.

And God, Who is not to be outdone in generosity, saw that the rainclouds - which looked threatening all morning - stayed in abeyance, thus permitting a beautiful outdoor procession from Corpus Christi Church to our little Rosary Convent!

We were living in a state of relative apprehension overnight and for most of the morning, wondering what the fickle Melbourne weather would do, for the Sisters had worked together like bees in a hive to get the Benediction Altar ready.

Under the artistic direction of our very talented postulant, Beatriz, we bundled greenery, picked out flowers, cut up twine, tied dozens of knots, re-did knots, pulled out greenery and basically were in a frenzy of activity (while maintaining proper religious decorum, of course) that looked something like this:

To get an end result that looked like this:

The only thing remaining was to see if the wind and/or rain would take it all to pieces before the procession got there. Happily, it didn’t, and we had the delight of seeing Our Blessed Lord enthroned for a short while outside our Convent amidst the setting we had prepared. 

May Sunday’s efforts be a symbol of what we aim to do in our spiritual lives: to prepare a fitting place in our hearts to welcome Him Who reigns over us, to keep trying even if rainclouds and strong winds are threatening our horizons, and to always maintain hope and trust in God, which is never ever betrayed.

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Becky said...

Thank you for a lovely article and photos of the procession.