Saturday, August 11, 2012

St Dominic’s Day 2012 in Wanganui

As the feast of our holy Father St Dominic fell on a Saturday this year, a large part of our celebrations were held the day before, on Friday 3rd August.  This allowed us to have a Solemn High Mass at which all the pupils could attend to honour and thank the heavenly patron of our college, and to beg his continued care and intercession throughout the coming year.  Father Cranshaw presided at the Mass and also preached an interesting sermon on the Dominican motto of Veritas.  After lunch, the girls’ school descended to the netball court for the highly-charged Teachers versus Students netball game.  Despite the continual downpour of rain throughout the game (which made the court somewhat more hazardous to play on), the teachers (with the aid of just a few ex-pupils, ahem) worked their way to a convincing victory of 23 – 16.

As such a victory is a rare event for the teachers, a photo was taken of the scoreboard, to be kept as proof for future generations.

Later in the afternoon, we gathered in the Church with the priests, brothers and our girls for Solemn (First) Vespers of St Dominic and the Rosary.   The evening was an eventful one: dinner, singing and roasting marshmallows around a bonfire, a piñata and other games including spotlight on the field.  We are sure that all enjoyed themselves.

Some excited participants with their parcels during one of the games.

The piñata was homemade (as you can tell), a combined effort of one of the sisters and some of the girls.  The black and white dog with a torch in its mouth is of course symbolic of St Dominic.  Blessed Jane of Aza, St Dominic’s mother, had a dream that she gave birth to a dog that would run through the world with a torch in its mouth, setting the world on fire.  This of course, was a foreshadowing of what Dominic (and subsequently his order) would do: carry the light of truth to all men, and set their hearts aflame with love of God.

When the games were all over, the bell was sounded and the priests, brothers, sisters and girls made their way into the church to end the evening with Compline (Dominican style, of course).

The real St Dominic’s day, Saturday 4th August, was somewhat quieter: a low Mass followed by a ceremony for the reception of a new Dominican tertiary, and afterwards, a breakfast for our friends, benefactors, tertiaries, teachers and past pupils.  It was a great delight to be able to thank our benefactors for their support over the past year, as well as to “catch up” with our dear past pupils.

Much to our surprise, our community was here presented with a beautiful piece of artwork (the product of a very talented Dominican tertiary, as well as a kind priest), centred on a Dominican theme.

As part of the St Dominic’s Day celebrations, Father MacPherson was asked to judge the girls’ art competition entries.  The theme of the competition was “Culture”.  Here are some of their works of art:

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